Plated Public Relations offers strategic communications to clients in Edmonton, Alberta.

Picture a well-laid meal with multiple side dishes. Each dish was carefully and meticulously crafted, with only the best ingredients selected for flavour, nutrition and aesthetic. Each dish took time, skill and dedication to prepare and was carefully selected to pair with the meal as a whole.

At Plated Public Relations, each dish represents one piece of a strategic communications plan, carefully planned and created to meet the overall objectives of that plan, created individually for each client. We carefully select tactics that have the greatest impact on results, and prepare each with the skill and dedication of the finest chef.

Plated Public Relations – Strategic Communications in Edmonton, Alberta



Jacquie helped AREA with an important new initiative for our organization. During the Fort McMurray evacuation crisis, we set up a Facebook page linking evacuees to available short-term rental units provided by REALTORS® throughout the province. Jacquie managed the page for a week, helping to point people in the right direction, and always maintained a friendly, welcoming tone. The page grew from 1500 to 3500 members during that week and her management of the page ensured its success.

Amanda Nielsen 
Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations Advisor
Alberta Real Estate Association


Alberta Real Estate Association