Finding that work-life balance

I’ve been working hard at Plated Public Relations as my only gig since mid-February. There was an interesting journey that brought me here, and I’d love to tell you the tale…

On August 17, 2015 this little nugget was born.

I knew that she would change my life, but I didn’t know quite how much at the time. My maternity leave was amazing. Just Anna and I going on adventures to the park, to different playgroups, to the library… That year will be one I will cherish as one that helped me grow as a person and as a mother.

As the year came to a close, I knew I wanted more of a balance. No, I needed a balance between spending time with my girl and working. I knew that I couldn’t be a full-time Stay At Home Mom because I loved my career too much, but working full-time was out of the question for me. I request PT hours at my current job, but was denied several times. Thus began my hunt for the part-time job. I didn’t find one before the end of my maternity leave, so I returned to the airport in my full-time position in August 2016. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Leaving my child full-time in the care of another nearly killed me, and I cried at my desk daily. I was a pretty melancholy co-worker, and I felt bad for my team. I kept searching for that part-time position…

Come January I finally find a part-time position that would work out to only having to work three days a week. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, and I was quickly unemployed in one of the worst economies that Alberta has been in quite some time. At this point, I had applied for hundreds of jobs, and I was so sick and tired of it. I decided to approach this job hunt differently by calling around to my contacts to see if anyone knew of a part-time position. Speaking to one of my contacts, she suggested I run with Plated, which I had started up the previous April. When I started to call around to see if there was any interest in hiring a freelance PR agency for some contract work, I was pleasantly surprised. I quickly began working on the Vimy 100 Yeg commemoration and the rest, as they say, is history!

I take Mondays and Fridays off to spend with my girl. With her sister on the way in October, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the slower pace to life. I have the opportunity to take her to the playground on a sunny spring morning, or to meet up with her cousin. The laundry and the dishes get done, and my husband and I don’t feel like we are on a hamster wheel anymore. Thank you to my clients for making this possible for me. I have found that work-life balance I had been looking for, and I couldn’t be happier.



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